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Debt Collecting in the Netherlands - Holland

Research shows that 30% of all bankruptcies in the Netherlands - Holland are caused by unpaid invoices. If Dutch debtors do not pay, what are the possibilities to enforce payment in the Netherlands - Holland? What if the Dutch debtor resides in other countries than the Netherlands - Holland?

The partners of this website have developed expertise in the field of debt collecting in the Netherlands - Holland. They issue summons, attach property to secure claims, file for bankruptcy and initiate court proceedings in the Netherlands - Holland.

The partners of this website advise clients to use general terms and conditions that describe payment conditions to prevent discussions in case of late payment. Did parties agree to a contractual interest? Should the Dutch debtor pay for legal fees if payment is enforced through court in the Netherlands - Holland? Are products delivered without transferring the ownership?

The partners of this website provide full assistance to prevent or limit the risks of late or non-payment in the Netherlands - Holland.

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