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Dutch Mergers and Acquisitions in the Netherlands - Holland

Mergers and acquisitions are inevitable when companies want to expand or co-operate. Competition is a driving force behind mergers and acquisitions. More and more Dutch companies are seeking investments in and co-operation with international companies. Dutch and EU companies are becoming strong enough to invest in foreign companies.

The partners of this website advise and assists clients on the field of mergers and acquisitions in the Netherlands (Holland). They first discuss the goals and requirements of the client and negotiate on behalf of the client with the other party. During or before negotiations the buyer needs to research the target. The partners of this website perform due diligence investigations in the Netherlands and other countries. These investigations are very important to ascertain what can be expected. Sellers have to be aware of the fact that not informing the buyer could lead to lengthy and costly legal proceedings.

Drafting the Dutch merger or takeover agreement is a very important aspect of reaching a deal. Parties have to put in writing all aspects of the deal to prevent difficulties after the deal has been made.

After signing the co-operation, takeover or merger agreement, the partners of this website provide assistance with executing the agreement.

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