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Tax Services in the Netherlands - Holland

The partners of this website will take care of the various periodic obligatory tax declarations. The partners ensure that these declarations are submitted at the Tax and Customs Administration in time. This service includes the following taxes:

Salary tax

The Tax and Customs Administration is responsible for the salary charges while the UWV is responsible for the contributions of industrial insurance. Usually the salary tax and the contributions of the salary charge are declared separately from the contributions of the industrial insurance. From January 1, 2006 this has changed. There now is a combined declaration. The partners completely take care of handling this complicated procedure;

Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax implies the taxation of the added value. Using the periodic overviews the VAT notification can be submitted electronically. The partners of this website inform their clients in time regarding tax payments or possible tax returns;

ICL declaration

This declaration applies only to entrepreneurs who provide goods to or buy goods from a supplier who is established in another EU- country. The partners of this website arrange this declaration based on the received data from the client;

Income tax

According to the annual account combined with the personal data of the entrepreneur the partners can submit the annual Income tax-declaration;

Corporation tax

According to the annual account and the data of the Ltd the partners can take care of the annual corporation tax-declaration electronically;


The partners of this website can submit written requests to the Tax and Customs Administration with the purpose of having them reconsider an earlier made decision with which the client does not agree.

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