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Dutch Salary Administration (Payroll) in the Netherlands - Holland

Payroll salary administration in the Netherlands (Holland) is a complicated field for which frequent refreshment courses are required because of the constant modifications which are imposed by the government as a result of political and economic changes. The salary administration must be carried out discreetly and accurately. The partners of this website offer a full-package salary administration service. These services include:

  • Setting up the salary administration;

  • Updating the deduction-tables;

  • Introducing new employees to the administration;

  • Changing data of employees;

  • Booking entry working houres;

  • Preparing salaryslips;

  • Making salary-payment overviews;

  • Provide journal;

  • Taking care of the periodic wage tax notification;

  • Announcement social security;

  • Reporting to Social Insurance;

  • Controlling the advance-account of the UWV;

  • Taking care of the annual wage tax report to the tax office;

  • Taking care of the annual wage tax report to the UWV;

  • Preparing the annual salary-overview for employees.

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