Main Rates
Business Legal Consultancy is a Dutch website which forms a marketing and communication extension of the partners of this website for the provision of comprehensive and professional legal and business services to both Dutch and international clients.


The partners of this website charge for their work the below mentioned hourly fees, which among others depend on the experience of their employees and the type of case whereby also the following factors are taken into account:

- International character of the case;
- Specialist knowledge / unique expertise / legal complexity;
- Urgency;
- Type of company / client;

Basic rates:

Beginning advisor

  €120 - €155


  €155 - €195

Senior Associate

  €195 - €210



All rates are excluding 21% V.A.T.. The rates can be amended yearly.

The partners of this website are, depending on the type of assignment, prepared to provide an estimation of the total price, which can result in a fixed fee quote for the work to be performed.

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