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Intellectual Property (IP) Law in the Netherlands - Holland

The partners of this website possess expertise and experience in Dutch (Netherlands) intellectual property (IP) law. Namely, the partners of this website can provide you with legal assistance regarding Dutch (Netherlands) law concerning trademarks, internet domain names, confidential information, copyrights issues, breach of trade secrets, design patents data and information ownership, use and management, rights of publicity, unfair competition, advertising and antitrust issues.

The Dutch (Netherlands) legal counsels and attorneys of the partners of this website provide advice on issues concerning all aspects of intellectual property (IP) law in the Netherlands (Holland), including:  

EU and Dutch ( Netherlands) Trademark law
  • Trademark portfolio strategy and management;
  • Selection and searching of trademarks;
  • Availability advice;
  • Registration of Benelux trademarks in the Netherlands (Benelux) and of international trademarks, for instance in accordance with the Madrid Agreement or the Madrid Protocol opposition proceedings;
  • Protection of trademarks and brands from unauthorized use;
  • Acquisition, licensing and other transactions relating to trademarks;
  • Trademark usage, policies, practices and other counselling.

EU, Dutch (Netherlands) Copyrights
  • Dutch and international protection of copyrights against unauthorized use;
  • Acquisition, licensing and other transactions relating to copyrights;
  • Copyright counseling.

Intellectual Property Audits and Reviews
  • Performing intellectual property audits;
  • Creating and protecting intellectual property assets;
  • Strategies and tactics to reduce the risk of infringements;
  • Confidentiality agreements;
  • Trade secrets and confidentiality;
  • Trade secret protection and counselling.


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