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Dutch Labour - Employment Law in the Netherlands - Holland

The Dutch employment law governs the relationship between employer and employee. Both national and international employment law have many facets. One can think of subjects like the employment contract, dismissal and leave. The partners of this website advise and assists both Dutch - Netherlands employers and employees on all issues of Dutch labour - employment law in the Netherlands. We draft Dutch - Netherlands labour - employment contracts - agreements, request grants to terminate Dutch - Netherlands employment contracts - agreements and represent clients in Dutch - Netherlands courts in case of disputes.

Employers and employees often have all kinds of questions. When can an employee in  the Netherlands be fired? What are the possibilities in case of reorganization or restructuring in the Netherlands - Holland? What can be done if a Dutch - Netherlands employee steals from the Dutch - Netherlands employer or commits fraud? When does the Dutch - Netherlands employer have to pay a termination fee and how much will that fee be? What is the maximum trial period in the Netherlands - Holland that can be agreed upon? How should a non-competition clause in the Netherlands - Holland be worded? What are the Dutch - Netherlands and EU rules regarding working conditions?

Both Dutch - Netherlands employers and employees can contact the partners of this website for all their questions related to Dutch - Netherlands labour - employment law. The partners will make sure that their interests are fully protected in the Netherlands - Holland.

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