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European (EU) Law

The Netherlands is a member state of the European Union (EU). On many fields, Dutch law derives from EU legislation. Also, EU legislation is directly applicable within the Netherlands. Especially enterprises are confronted with EU legislation.

Within the European Union, free movement of persons, goods, services and capital is established. Countries are not allowed to interfere on a discriminatory basis.

Within the European Union, enterprises are not allowed to limit, interfere or falsify competition. Agreements with competitors should therefore be scrutinized. Also agency and distribution agreements could contain infringing clauses. National and European competition authorities are authorized to track and penalize infringements. Infringements could lead to high fines.

According to European law, the European Commission or the national competition authorities should approve any large takeover or merger before it is established. These authorities check if the proposed takeover or merger does not interfere with competition on the relevant markets.

The partners of this website have knowledge of and experience with European Law. Almost all legal questions addressed to us, contain an aspect governed by European Law. The partners can advise on those aspects and can assist with procedures before the national and European competition authorities.

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