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Business Legal Consultancy is a Dutch website which forms a marketing and communication extension of the partners of this website for the provision of comprehensive and professional legal and business services to both Dutch and international clients.

Dutch Contract and Tort Law in the Netherlands - Holland

The partners of this website are experienced in negotiating and drafting all kinds of Dutch (Netherlands) contractual agreements, such as:

  • Agency agreements;

  • Employment agreements;

  • Franchise agreements;

  • Import and export agreements;

  • Joint venture agreements;

  • Lease agreements;

  • Letters of intent;

  • License agreements;

  • Purchase agreements.

The partners of this website assist clients whose Dutch and international agreements in the Netherlands (Holland) have not been fulfilled. They help their clients enforce their contracts. If necessary, they will initiate court proceedings in order to arrange a settlement or payment of damages.

The partners of this website also assist clients who have suffered damage because of the actions of others or who have been accused to have caused damage to others.

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