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Business Legal Consultancy is a Dutch website which forms a marketing and communication extension of the partners of this website for the provision of comprehensive and professional legal and business services to both Dutch and international clients.

Dutch Financial Services - the Netherlands - Holland

The partners of this website have among others joined efforts to meet the demands of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands (Holland) to prevent and solve their problems in the Dutch book-keeping, tax returns, insurance, liability, mortgages, pension and other financial issues.

More and more international companies are expanding their business to Europe, often using the Netherlands (Holland) as its gateway. However, because of the utterly different rules and business practice in the Netherlands (Holland), (international) companies are frequently confronted with unforeseen problems in the Dutch financial area. Many seemingly small issues for a company  in the Netherlands (Holland) may be accumulated into big problems in the Netherlands (Holland). Without sufficient advice in advance, companies may be caught by nasty surprises at a most inconvenient moment, which may cause serious damage to both the company and its managing directors. This is where the partners of this website set in and provide tailored services, where the whole financial processes i.e. financial administration, salary administration, tax issues and the preparation of annual reports will be carried out.

Quality is the key word of the services of the partners. To achieve and sustain these service qualities, the partners collaborate closely with a few other firms of high reputation in the related area.

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