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13 February, 2011
Dutch-American ties provide for more than 700,000 jobs
The top 3 states benefiting the most from this economic relationship are Texas, California and Massachusetts.
12 February, 2011
Minnesota’s newest IPO is Dutch
Minnesota has launched another publicly held medical products company, although this one is headquartered in the Netherlands.
14 February, 2011
Kitchenmaster cleans up with £50,000 hygiene product deals
A cleaning product manufacturer in Co Down has secured its first business in the Netherlands, with deals worth up to £50,000. Kitchenmaster NI, based in Carryduff, will supply a range of products to two dealers based in the towns of Tiel and Zoetermeer.
14 February, 2011
Dutch move to weed out drug tourists
SO much for Holland's tolerant reputation. Fed up with foreigners flocking into their country to buy drugs, the Dutch are considering a law to turn their famous cannabis-vending "coffee shops" into private clubs open only to locals.
01 February, 2011
EU investigating Dutch passport law
The European Commission is launching an investigation into Dutch passport regulations. European Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding looking into whether Dutch passport legislation breaches EU data protection rules.
20 July, 2010
Court thwarts Dutch immigration policy
The European Court of Justice has upended the minimum income requirement for foreign marriage partners. More aspects of Dutch immigration policy could be at odds with European law.
12 July, 2010
Océ NV to Represent The Netherlands in Europe’s Most Competitive Business Awards Competition
The European Business Awards has announced that Océ NV is to represent The Netherlands in the prestigious 2010 Awards program. Océ beat off stiff competition to be selected as one of fifteen Country Representatives and will now compete for a coveted Ruban d’Honneur in the next round of the competition. Final category Award winners will be unveiled in Paris on November 16th.
04 July, 2010
Tour De France 2010 Starts In Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The Tour de France is the most prestigious bicycle race on the planet. In this year, it has just opened in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
06 July, 2010
ING Groep Selling Canadian Commercial Real Estate Portfolio, Globe Says
ING Groep NV, the biggest Dutch financial-services company, is selling a portfolio of warehouses and industrial properties in Canada to bolster its balance sheet, the Globe and Mail reported.
07 July, 2010
Monsanto Loses EU Patent Case
BRUSSELS—The European Court of Justice Tuesday ruled that European Union patent law can't be used to bar imports of products made from biotech ingredients that are patented in the EU but not in the exporting country.
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